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Office Protocol/Covid 19:

We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to providing dental care to our community! The PA DOH recently eased restrictions on the practice of dental care in our state. We plan to begin by providing restorative care (broken teeth, larger cavities, etc.), Periodontal Maintenance (cleanings to patients who have Periodontal Disease) followed by a slow resumption of recall care (check-ups) within the next few weeks.
As has always been the case, our office follows infection control guidelines issued by the CDC, OSHA and the American Dental Association. We take your health and safety very seriously. We will continue to follow the recommendations of these organizations including updated recommendations due to corona virus. We will look a little different next time you come in to see us. In addition to our customary PPE (a term you are all probably now more familiar with than you ever bargained for), we will be employing face shields and disposable gowns.
We ask that you call us when you arrive for your appointment and remain in your vehicle until we notify you that we are ready for your appointment. We ask only the patient who has an appointment to come into the office and to please use hand sanitizer when you enter. We also ask that you wear a mask or face covering into the office. Prior to being seated for your appointment you will be screened to check for COVID-19 symptoms, including having your temperature taken.
Appointment times will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. The appointment times will be extended, so we will be seeing fewer patients per day, initially. We ask that you keep this in mind concerning last minute cancellations.
We look forward to seeing you all again. Please feel free to call the office if your appointment was cancelled so we can reschedule you. Thank you so much for your patience in allowing us to navigate these unprecedented times. We are so fortunate to have a fantastic group of patients! See you soon!

Dr. Wendy Magda, Dr Michael Kudryk and Staff